Raquel Foreman

Premier Real Estate Agent

Raquel Foreman is a full time realtor who lives in Clayton, NC by way of Long Island New York with her husband (native to NC) of 22 years and 4 amazing teenagers. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business management, both are disabled veterans who served in the US Army and finally decided in 2018 to “come back home” where their hearts have always been to root their children. They are a Christian family and Raquel works hard to serve the community understanding whom she is representing first and foremost, therefore, ensuring anyone who interacts with her will be treated with the utmost respect and each transaction is handled as if she is purchasing it for herself.

Raquel has over 30 years of customer service, sales, negotiating experience, and is an entrepreneur. She ran a successful residential and commercial cleaning company for 6 years in AZ, she successfully reached the top 1% of 2 companies in her network marketing career and also assisted her husband in launching his very own clothing company.

People often identify Raquel as funny, faithful and determined. That is one thing she will guarantee, you will laugh a lot, she leans on her faith for everything and she will work hard to ensure her clients best interests are a priority. She enjoys the challenges of “No” or “it can’t be done” and has proven to always work hard to find a way. Her mother puts it perfectly, “If Rocky says she will do it, she will find a way”. Raquel wants you to know that, “My goal is to help people find a home. One that they love and want to raise their families in. I work hard in ensuring everyone is treated with the respect they deserve regardless of race or gender. Some people could never imagine owning a home and I want to show them how it’s possible, providing them with the tools to make it a reality.