Peter Milner

Premier Real Estate Agent

My love of a great home began when I was 5. In kindergarten, my small class of 15 piled into vans and came to draw pictures of the beams, portico, and stairs at our new home. Home was special to me growing up. My deep love of home and family clung to me as my wife and I started our own family. Once we had children, I finally knew what my parents had experienced as they carefully crafted their home, designed the layout, and had an architect bring their dream to reality.

After graduating from Wake Forest in 1995, and playing basketball in the sweet 16, I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Ha. The joke was on me. I invested my early career life in people, pouring into high school kids, pouring into elected officials, and even into the homeless population in Raleigh. Licensed in 2016, I came to love real estate immediately, mostly because it centered around one of the most important decisions a person can make in their life. It seemed to fit me, and I sold 7 houses in my first year. Given that I was only working part-time, I felt quite proud. My experience as a minister, as a teacher, and as a stay-at-home dad had perfectly prepared me for the task of being a trusted advisor to my clients. I work with anyone who is willing to fill out paperwork, trust the process, and aim for the stars.