Hayley Reck

Premier Commercial Real Estate Agent

Growing up in Charlotte, NC with a hardworking and dedicated, single Scottish mother I believe has given me the foundation for helping people in the real estate industry. I was always so inspired as I watched my mother help countless people her entire life and have the ability to communicate flawlessly, despite a language barrier.

Great communication, relentless dedication and transparency are traits that will drive me to help you find your dream home. I have lived in Johnston County for 15 years and have an intimate knowledge of JoCo and the entire Triangle area. With the purchases of my homes, most recently my second home, I have realized how much blood, sweat and tears go into a new property purchase, whether a home or a business, and I hope to make the process effortless and exciting for my clients. My aspiration would be that each of my clients achieve the American dream!

My hobbies include baking, organizing, meeting new people, doing anything with my 3 amazing children and watching movies. I really look forward to assisting you find the next property, either making a house a home or an empty building into a thriving business!