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Abby Keel

Premier Real Estate Agent

My commitment to strive for excellence stems from a humble upbringing and legacy of work ethic. Being raised as the third oldest in an amazing family of nine children has compelled me to honor integrity, character, and work ethic. It provided me with ample opportunities to be an example of one who gives my best in all areas. Growing up right outside of Raleigh has allowed me an advantageous familiarity of the area. My education in business with a concentration in Human Resources from NC State enabled me to enter the work force originally in the area of HR. Those skills serve as a springboard to propel me into the arena of real estate.

Service is a priority that I will not compromise. Having an enduring work ethic often involves sacrifice, but reaps rewards in relationships, productivity, and character. I will come along side of you as we navigate the fast paced world of real estate and the journey to meet your goal. My heart for people is the common thread weaving through my life, and I am excited to serve you. I will give my best to meet the challenges of your real estate needs with grace, virtue, and tenacity.